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Completion Specialists


Dan Blocker Petroleum Consultants, Inc. has a team of cased hole consultants with a wealth of experience in all phases of cased hole work with both major and independent producers. Having drilled and completed wells for the last 30 years in the region, DBPC has extensive knowledge and understanding of the potential pay formations. Our cased hole consultants are proven in all phases of the completion, re-completion, and workover operations including Fracture Specialists. Our large team of supervisors offers vast, shared knowledge in cased hole operations. We also have an experienced Flowback team. Our firm has been completing Haynesville wells since 2008 and supervised some of the best Haynesville wells in San Augustine, Texas. DBPC has been fracing and completing wells in the Woodbine Sands in Madison, Leon, Brazos, and Grimes Counties since 2009 also working in the Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico. We have successfully completed these wells conventionally as well as slim hole operations from re-entries, etc.

Oil & Gas Plays that blocker has been apart of:
Combination of Drilling and Completion
Texas- Haynesville, Barnett, Bossier, Eagleford, also Eaglebine which is in Madison, Leon, Brazos, and Grimes Counties. Wolfcamp, Mississippi and Fusselman in the Permian Basin.
Arkansas- Smackover Brown dense formation
New Mexico- Bone Spring
Mississippi- Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
Louisiana- Haynesville, Bossier, Smackover, Brown Dense Formation, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
Utah-Green River Shale
Oklahoma-Woodford Shale