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About DBPC

Dan is a former Amoco Production Company Drilling & Completion Foreman, has over 50 years of upstream experience in drilling, cased hole and production operations focused across the 5 state regions of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

The company is comprised of well experienced and highly knowledgeable independent drilling and completion consultants. Our consultants possess a substantial amount of international and domestic experience in all phases of the upstream workflow and are extensively trained in safety awareness and well control.

Our ongoing record of customer success, deep regional knowledge, and operational expertise provide our firm with the performance platform required to complete any project successfully.

Our home office is located in Longview, Texas, and the company is a chartered corporation in the state of Texas.


  • DBPC founded in 1987
  • Drilled Completed 1,000+
  • Oil Gas wells Drilled Completed 100+ shale wells
  • The majority high pressure and below 8,000 feet, without a blowout.
  • Since 1987, DBPC has maintained a 100% success rate for all drilling operations, including a large number of wildcat and rank wildcat exploratory wells.
  • And a 100% success rate for drilling operations since 1995.
  • For 150+ directional wells, a 100% success rate.